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All You Need to Know About Purple Shampoo

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At first, we love its color, and it is that purple shampoo, as its name indicates, has a shade that is the favorite of many and many. It has become a ‘must’ during this season and it seems that we can no longer do without it. Let’s discuss All You Need to Know About Purple Shampoo and what are its benefits!

In addition, in the market, there are already many brands that sell it, even the lowest-cost that we can find in the supermarkets that we have next door. Nuance your color and more after the summer with a purple shampoo. Have you tried it yet?

What is Purple Shampoo Used For?

It is not a regular shampoo like the ones we really know. In this case, the purple shampoo is intended to mattify the hair color. That is, to combat those very yellow reflections that usually appear in some manes.

Tones that both dyed and natural hair can suffer. All those who have lost their color, due to certain external aggressions or even because of gray hair, should no longer worry because this product will help them at all times. 

If your hair tends to be yellow, then it is the time when you should opt for a product like this. It is also no coincidence that the shampoo has this color, this is because it is a shade opposite to yellow and hence its job is to cover and balance the tone.

For Whom Purple Shampoo is Perfect?

In general, this shampoo is perfect for hair dyed blonde. Especially when we talk about very light highlights or light and platinum tints. But also for natural hair that has had its color altered or that is gray.

Since as we know, girls also tend to take a yellowish color and not define the tone of gray hair in most cases. For all of them and for those who want to shade their color. The violet is going to neutralize the yellow and this is its most important step.

How to use Purple Shampoo

Although at all times we are talking about shampoo, it is not used as such, at least in frequency. In this case, just using it once a week is more than enough. In some cases, they are used twice a week, but you have to be careful.

  • You must first moisten your hair and apply your usual shampoo. After having done this, you rinse as usual and that will be when you can apply the purple shampoo.
  • You apply it but without performing the massages that we do with our shampoo. It is only a matter of covering the areas that we want to treat. We will crush it on the hair and let it act.
  • This shampoo does not apply and washes off immediately. You must follow their instructions, but they will wait a couple of minutes before you remove it with water. the first time leaves it less time than it puts in the container and then, you will increase it.
  • After a time, then you must remove it completely with a good amount of water.
  • After that, remember to apply a moisturizing mask, because it is a product that tends to dry out the hair quite a bit.
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