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10 Best Contact Lenses

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We present a list that includes the 10 best contact lenses available on the market today. It is worth checking what lenses to choose and what makes the right lenses stand out before buying your first replacement glasses. Our lens ranking is a proposal that will work for both novice users and those who are looking for an alternative to the contact lenses worn so far.

10 Best Contact Lenses for Dry Eyes 2023

1. Johnson & Johnson Acuvue Oasys Hydraclear Plus 6 pcs

JOHNSON & JOHNSON ACUVUE OASYS HYDRACLEAR PLUS 6 PCS is undoubtedly one of the best contact lenses with the highest protection against UV radiation. Class I product provides the highest safety of all contact lenses available on the market today, absorbing 99% of harmful radiation.

It provides hydration and freshness even in unfavorable environmental conditions. The product recommended in our ranking is excellent contact lenses that will work well both for long hours spent in front of a computer screen, in air-conditioned rooms, as well as those where dry central heating air or smoke may irritate the eyes.

The lenses are made with the use of a modern, patented HYDRACLEAR ™ technology that allows the combination of a material that provides the right oxygen conditions with a moisturizing agent.

The ultra-smooth contact lens is recommended, especially for people who experience dry eyes. The recommended wearing time is 14 days in the daytime mode or seven days in the extended mode – no download at night. Curvature – 8.4 mm. Diameter – 14mm.

2. Bausch & Lomb Soflens 59 comfort 6 pcs

BAUSCH & LOMB SOFLENS 59 COMFORT 6 PCS is the best monthly contact lens designed for a daily replacement that you can use. Made of Hilafilcon B material, they are resistant to the accumulation of protein deposits and high hydration.

Comfortable to use lenses by BAUSCH & LOMB have a special structure that ensures perfect visual acuity and reduces the interaction between the lens and the eyelid when the eye blinks.

The soft edges of the lens and a special, smooth material guarantee the same comfort of putting on and wearing until the last day of use. The lens diameter is 14.2mm, and the curvature radius is 8.6mm. BAUSCH & LOMB products recommended by our lens ranking are suitable for daily wear (removed at night) for a maximum of one month.

3. Cooper Vision Biofinity 6 pcs

COOPER VISION BIOFINITY 6 PCS are excellent silicone hydrogel lenses, intended for wearing in extended mode. The innovative material technology of Aquaform Comfort Science used in production makes the lenses flexible, soft, and well-moisturized.

Silicone macromers keep water in the lens, and evenly distributed over its entire surface, and it provides excellent eye hydration. The lenses are designed to be worn continuously without the need to remove them at night. They are oxygen permeable and are especially recommended for people suffering from tear film disorders.

The COOPER VISION BIOFINITY product recommended in our ranking provides the highest wearing comfort while maintaining maximum visual acuity. The lenses can be used on a daily or extended basis throughout the month. Curvature – 8.6 mm.

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