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Best Abs Workout Without Equipment

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Have you always wanted to sculpt your abs and have excellent tablets instead of that flabby little stomach? Know that it is quite possible to strengthen the abdominal muscles through targeted exercises. Today, we are going to mention what are the best ways and how to do Abs exercises without any equipment to gain the best shape.

5 Best Abs Workout At Home

To practice at home, without weight training equipment and at a good pace, try out these three best ab exercises that should help you draw pretty abs in just 30 days without any equipment!

There is a series of exercises here that will help you build solid abs and turn fat into muscle. Their practice does not require the use of equipment, and you can do them comfortably at home, at your own pace. You won’t have to go back and forth to the venue at the other end of town, which should boost your motivation.

1. Crunch with Your Feet up

Start by lying on the floor, bringing your knees towards you. Then raise your shoulders towards your thighs while keeping your back firmly on the ground. Slowly descend and return to the initial position.

2. The Reverse Crunch

Lie on your back and bring your legs straight up. Then place your hands on the ground on both sides of your pelvis. Then bring your knees towards you until they brush against your chest and then bring them to the vertical while controlling your movements.

3. Classic Sheathing

Face the floor with your elbows supported, legs straight, and your head in line with your body. Then contract your abdominals to make the belly muscles work as much as possible and thus not put too much strain on the legs and elbows.

4. Lateral Sheathing

Take the same position as with the sheathing, but this time, put yourself in profile. Stand on one elbow and put the other hand on your waist to gain stability. Contract your abs, keep your back straight and hold the position for a few seconds before resuming the initial position.

5. The Vacuum

For this exercise, put your hands at your sides or on your stomach and then start to exhale slowly until your stomach hollows out. At this point, you should be freediving. Hold the position for a few seconds to work the transverse before slowly releasing it. Take a deep breath and then repeat the exercise as soon as your heart rate returns to normal.

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