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Tips to Get Back to Sport After a Break

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After a total cessation of sport, it is not advisable to resume physical activity too violently on a whim. For functional physical fitness, you must ask yourself the right questions to adapt to a program. Here are our tips for getting back to sport smoothly!

The Coronavirus pandemic has taken everyone by surprise. It has not only paralyzed the sectors of activity, but it has also encroached on our various pleasures, including our daily or weekly sports sessions.

Those who also used to hold their sessions at home have undoubtedly experienced a motivation brake. And we are not talking about team sports fans who were necessarily at a standstill. Time for the body to gain a few calories, gain some weight, and for the back and joints to get heavier.

This might not be the reason you quit the sport, but you have decided to get back to it now. Unfortunately, you cannot return to the sport as if you left it yesterday. After days or weeks off, here are our ten tips for a smooth return to sport.

1. Go to the doctor for a medical check-up

Before getting back to the sport after a break, or due to coronavirus, the first thing you have to do is to visit a doctor for a medical checkup. Because you haven’t done sports for a long while and when this shutdown occurred, an imbalance occurred in your body. To do this, before doing sport again, it is essential to visit your doctor for a medical check-up.

This consultation should be able to reassure you that you will return to sport with peace of mind. The doctor may also, taking into account your condition, advise you on activities not to start anytime soon. This contributes to the achievement of your objectives.

If you took the eight weeks of confinement not to practice any fitness exercise, know that you are in pain when you recover. In addition, it would be better to also make a few appointments with the osteopath. This professional could help you eliminate the potential functional problems that the stopping would have caused. Otherwise, these disorders would attract more or less severe pain to you when you return to sport.

2. Know your goals

You can’t return to exercise after weeks of being off just because you want to. In this case, you will quickly throw in the towel. So, knowing your goals is one of the best tips to get back to the sport after a break.

Before putting on your sneakers and tying the laces, you need to ask yourself the right questions. “Why do I want to do sport again: is it to shape my figure? To lose my saddlebags? Is it to lose my extra pounds? Is it for better health? A late feel better in my body? Gain muscle? Achieve performance? Or does powder reduce my joint pain? “

These are all questions that will allow you to define your goals, and to know your needs in order to establish an adapted training program. Because it is according to your requirements that you must choose activities, for example, you would favor muscle exercises if you had to relieve your joints.

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